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Feb 18th 3-6pm

223 Fremont St, Taunton, MA 02780-1214

This is a tryout for the new arena team the Boston Blaze. The team is a road only team playing 4 games in 2017 season. Then full home and away season in 2018 ball players paid in 2018 season only. Players that make roster this year will be garenteed to camp in 2018 season. COST to attend is only $25 per player. Turf shoes required only. All uniforms and equiptment is paid for by team in 2017. Show case your ability against Vermont, New Hampshire, Buffalo, and others in 2017 ! Good Luck !!!!

Coaches and player evaluations provided by, Head Coach Rick Buffington former ast. coach New England Patriots.....Player Personell Patrick Pass 3 time super bowl champion New England Patriots .....Vernon Crawford New England Patriots......And many more.....

Interested parties can send Player Bio's to Buffrb@comcast.net

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